Each Waking Moment

There is something so incredibly beautiful breathing around us each waking second, we may never fully comprehend this magic. Perhaps only aim to capture, read about, and observe to discover more about this enchantment of life and creation. It seems we are part witness and part co-creator to a constant ever un-folding miracle. I have been practicing photography since my first time picking up a film camera,  experimenting with darkroom techniques in 2010. An interest has bloomed and blossomed ever since. From capturing the lesser acknowledged aspects and moments in the world, from textures in nature, to shapes and tree lines and mountain passes, to some of the beautiful ways we as humans connect with the planet around us. My intent is to apply my eye to the aperture to express these moments through portraiture, landscape, and macro concepts, creating no limitations upon how we can perceive the amazing things around us.

Let's connect and create!